Water on Mars

Site specific installation May 2021

Welcome to Space!

“Water on Mars” is an exhibition and a site-specific installation presenting nine different functional sculptures. They are made out of raw materials-brass, marble, limestone, travertine, granite, oak, burned wood, leather and explore different craft techniques as well as modern technology.

This work is inspired by the cosmic, by the universe, by the galaxies and distant stars. An exploration of rituals, of the sacred, of the eternal beauty of raw materials and their places of origin.

I wanted to explore further the connection between the finished object and the stone block that it originated from. This brought me to a limestone quarry located in my home country-Bulgaria. I was fascinated and moved by the visit of the gigantic limestone quarry. It felt the closest to Mars that I could possibly get (for now).

Most of the materials I’ve worked with are sourced locally. A sustainable approach can be recognized in the development of all 9 objects, as they have been intentionally designed to leave behind as less leftover material as possible (for example: the circle used in the candle object comes from a cut out of the table top of the marble and brass table).

"Water on Mars” invites the senses to experience the cosmic through terrestrial materials.

Photography (c) Desia Ava