The Path of Water

Objects for Contemplation | Water rituals and exercises on being imperfect


Stockholm, 2019

Konstfack University-Master Program in Spatial Design

A Zen garden made out of water sculptures instead of plants.

Process: For this project I have used a reversed design process-instead of starting with a sketch and developing models and final prototypes, I started with building. None of the objects and shapes was designed or planed. My approach was entirely based on intuition, almost as a child whould just collect objects and put them together.
Shapes and Materials: My “trash” collection is site and time specific-all materials were gathered in the course of one week from the workshops at Konstfack. I was not focused on upcycling materials however, rather I was fascinated by the leftover shapes, the nega- tive shape that remains after you cut a circle or another shape out of the material.

*I have added an extra pinch of glitter in the water

Degrowth, the topic of our task: My understanding of degrowth can be seen in various layers in this project. The first layer being the way it is built and created. The second layer has to do with water, with creating a water cycle and a loop.

An installation that resembles almost the way a water tower distributes water in a city network. An installation that distributes and collects water. Nothing goes to waste.

And a third layer of degrowth which is my personal understanding of this term-as a way of slow-living and enjoying little things in life in the ever moving and hectic world around us. As being mindful and present.